Terms and Conditions

Please note that it is the renter's responsibility to return the facility back to its original condition.

The client is responsible for setting up and tear down of tables and chairs unless other arrangements have been made.

It will be also the renter's responsibility if any further tables or chairs are needed.

Cleaning/Damage deposit is refundable provided facility is returned to its original condition prior to event. Deposits are refunded 14 business days after your event.

Items/posters may not be posted or taped to the walls. All decorations must be free standing.

Please no confetti during your event.

Please note that candles maybe used during your event as long as they are protected by a closed container. If candle wax is spilled during the event and is not removed at the end of the event client could incur additional cleaning fees.

We ask that you only use silk flower petals for your ceremony and if using an isle runner that it be secured with blue tape or a non-residue leaving material.

As well if you choose to use sparklers they may be used only outside and all doors to the facility must remain closed due to drafts and tripping the smoke alarm.

Please keep in mind that we do have a kitchen area with refrigeration, freezer, electricity and sinks. We ask that you please not pour or wash greasy items in this area since the space is not equipped for such use.

Cleaning Check off List:

Remove all trash from garbage cans and haul trash to dumpster located at side of building.

Replace trash liner in garbage cans.

We do supply you with recycling for cans, bottles and compost.

Remove personal food items from refrigerators. Wipe down all counter tops, sweep floors in prep area. Brooms, dust mops, and a vacuum are available to assist you.

Clean all table and chair surfaces prior to tear down.

Tables are to be returned to the table room and stacked neatly by size.

Chairs are to be stacked back in the hallway in stacks of 8.

Sweep dance floor and spot mop with wet towel if there are spills.

Vacuum carpet area throughout the space. Spot cleaning of carpet may be necessary and can be done with cold soapy water and spoon. The FEC supplies you with two vacuums.

The FEC will be responsible for cleaning the restrooms. We do ask that you do a walk thru after your event for any out of the ordinary occurrences and ask that these be wiped up prior to departure.

Platinum Room needs to be wiped down and clean of debris after your event.

Don't forget all of your belongings

Client will be responsible for following all Washington State Laws regarding selling and or serving of Alcoholic Beverages. We do request that clients get a $10.00 special banquet permit at any Washington State Liquor Store. It can be purchased online at:

After the client has checked out additional cleaning fees could be charged at $50.00 per hour from your damage deposit due to litter found in the parking lot, gum removal and or additional cleaning.

We do highly recommend that security is attained for the benefit of you and your guests. Your selection of security needs to be pre-approved by the Ferndale Events Center staff. Ferndale Police are also available as security measures please let us know if you need contact information.