Terms & Conditions



Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that it is the renter's responsibility to return the facility back to its original condition.

  • The client is responsible for setting up and tear down of tables and chairs unless other arrangements have been made.

  • It will be also the renter's responsibility if any further tables or chairs are needed.

  • Cleaning/Damage deposit is refundable provided facility is returned to its original condition prior to event. Deposits are refunded 14 business days after your event.

  • After the client has checked out additional cleaning fees could be charged at $60 per hour from your damage deposit due to litter found in the parking lot, gum removal, vandalism and or any other additional cleaning such as vacuuming etc. If the facility is not exactly as it was, there will be additional fees. If you decide you would like the Ferndale Event Center Staff to do the clean up, you must notify us one month prior to the date of your event.

Celebration Notes


If serving alcohol at your event you must obtain the appropriate license at www.liq.wa.gov/licensing   If you are selling alcohol at your event you must obtain a Special Occasion License. For events not selling  alcohol you must obtain a Banquet Permit. Washington State Liquor laws must be adhered to at all times.   Depending on the size and type of event security may be required.   Renter assumes all risks and liability involved in serving alcohol. 


Please note that candles may be used during your event, as long as, they are protected by a closed

container.  If candle wax is spilled during the event and is not removed at the end of the event, client

could incur additional cleaning fees.


We supply at least 2 vacuums, garbage liners, paper towels, cleaners etc. They are to remain in the facility.


You must protect the concrete/flower beds from any damage from cooking.  All areas must be clean.

If you hire a caterer, be sure to let them know ahead of time.


Items/posters/decorations may not be posted or taped on the walls. All decorations must be free

standing. Please no confetti or glitter during your event. Only silk flowers may be used on the floor.


Wipe down all counter tops, sinks, cold/hot hold/ sweep floors, vacuum all carpets, spot clean and remove any gum off of the floors.


Keys will be issued to one person, which will be in charge of the keys. If keys are lost, there will be a $350 fee to replace the keys which will be deducted from your deposit. Do not leave the building unlocked at anytime. If found unlocked we will lock the facility and charge to return and unlock.  At the end of your event, please leave the keys in the AV room, with all outside doors locked.DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING UNATTENDED.


Please keep in mind that we do have a kitchen area with refrigeration, freezer, electricity and sinks.

We ask that you please not pour or wash greasy items in the sink area since the space is not equipped for such use.


All debris must be cleaned up and thrown away. There is to be no broken glass or stray garbage to be left. This includes cigarette butts.


All personal items, including any food must be removed from the facility.


Smoking is prohibited 25' from the building.  We will provide buckets with sand that must be placed

25' away from the building. Any fires or damage to the bark or bedding will be deducted from your deposit.


May only be used outside and all doors to the facility must remain closed due to drafts and tripping the smoke alarms.


Clean all tables and chair surfaces prior to tear down. Make sure there is no gum under tables.

Tables are to be returned to the table room and stacked neatly by size.

Chairs are to be stacked back in the hall way in stacks of 8


Remove all trash from garbage cans (in liners please) and haul trash to dumpsters located on the North side of the parking lot.  There are is a large dumpster as well as cardboard recycling.

Anything over flowing these garbage cans will need to either be removed from the premises or

the cost to remove the garbage will be deducted from your deposit.  

Replace trash can liners in garbage cans 

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